Starting a Business as a Social Media Manager

Social media was initially introduced to the internet to users as a form of enjoyment and getting connected with friends and family. People loved the idea and started joining the network. According to a recent study via Statista, a statistic of about 2.46 billion users was estimated in 2017, and the figure has been projected to reach 2.77 billion in 2019. The innovative vehicle that started out as a form of enjoyment has now grown to be a key and affordable marketing strategy for small, medium, and large-scale businesses, as many are now using it to promote their brands on a global scale.

However, as social media is growing, many businesses find it challenging to manage the tasks associated with running various social media accounts to project their brands; hence, they are out to hire specialists to be in charge. These experts are called “Social Media Manager.”

According to a post via Business Insider on report, “the average salary of a social media manager ranges from $34,432 to $56,571.”

Do you have the skills to be a social media manager? Well, do you enjoy sharing, chatting, posting and tweeting content? Are you a great listener, quick learner, organized and have a keen sense in business? Do you have a basic understanding of the core platforms involved with social media? If so, then perhaps starting a business as a social media manager might be a good option for you.

You will need to get the required information about starting a business as a social media manager and what are some of the key roles and steps involved to become a successful social media manager. This post will walk you through a portion of the information on how to start a business as a social media manager and earn a solid income from it. First and foremost, let’s look at what is a social media manager?

What is a Social Media Manager?

A social media manager can be defined as an individual in a company trusted with sharing, filtering, guiding, contributing to, and monitoring the social media handler of a service, product, brand, corporation or individual business. He or she plays a vital role in promoting the company’s brands.

Social media managers are tasked to build and maintain the online reputation of a company. They represent the company online and interact with consumers regularly. In a large organization, they are usually incorporated to be part of the “Marketing & Public Relations” department. (More information)

What are the Roles of a Social Media Manager?

Social media manager works closely with different social media networks. However, his or her roles may change based on the organization, business, or brand demands. Below are the roles, responsibilities, tasks, and duties of a social media manager:

  1. Study the client’s goals and develop marketing strategies to achieve them.
  2. Set or/and manage social media accounts.
  3. Post content on behalf of the employer.
  4. Increase the number of fans and follower as applicable.
  5. Grow brand awareness of the company and build its online reputation by sharing relevant news and trends about the brand.
  6. Facilitate communion with client’s target audience.
  7. Acts as customer support service for the client.
  8. Carry out marketing analysis for possible improvement.
  9. He or she is in charge of managing, monitoring, and responding to online reviews.
  10. Collaborate with other advocacies online, for cross-marketing opportunities
  11. And play other marketing roles as requires by his or her client.

How can one start a Social Media Business?

Starting a business as a social media manager requires commitment and technicalities about the business. You have to put everything in place for a better result. Remember, you would first need to build your followers before it begins to yield results for you; hence, you need to be patient with your prospective business. One thing is for sure; there is light at the end of the tunnel. To start a business as a social media manager, begin with these steps:

  • Have social media of your own

This is the first step to be a successful social media manager. First market yourself before you consider signing up with a client. It is essential to build your own social media presence by creating a personal account on each of the leading social media platforms and seek knowledge in tools such as email marketing, blogging, graphic designs, and search engine optimization. This will serve as your credentials for getting a career in social media management career.

  • Choose your niches

This means a lot to your prospective social media career. Your niches determine clients that will come your way. Choose lucrative niches that can pay your bill. Study your potential clients’ environment in order to reach out to them. Initiate conversations that draw people to your platform.

  • Create packages

All fingers are not equal. Everyone likes varieties; hence, you need to set up different packages for your clients to select from. Having a fixed price for your service may make you lose many clients to your rivals. Most clients want extra services to meet their demands. You can have different packages such as basic, standard, and premium packages. In a nutshell, be flexible in setting your price.

  • Offer something to win clients

It is difficult to get first-time buyers, but there is a way out. One of the ways to get clients to your side is by word-of-mouth through friends and family, and as well as referrals. Another effective method is by offering free services to clients to show them how efficient you are in managing their social media. Carry out a free assessment of their social accounts and platforms, give them your results and suggest the way forward. Once they test your service, ask them to write reviews about your service and things will grow from there.

  • Write engaging brand content to attract followers

Creating engaging, compelling, fun, behind-the-scenes, and informative content that keeps your followers closer to you is an excellent way to engage and attract followers to your page. Write interesting stories based on your niche to keep people coming back to your page. Social media manager is expected to initiate a topic that will start a conversation on his or her page. Creating relevant stories is a way to achieve this.

  • Manage your time wisely – create a social media calendar

Ensure you manage your time wisely to be diligent in what you are doing. Remember, managing multiple social media accounts on Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and other social media platforms is time-consuming; so, don’t waste any time on frivolous activities on the site. You are required to respond to followers’ questions and inquiries promptly, as set on the client’s page. It is advisable to create social media calendar to help you stay organized in managing your time.

  • Measure your success

Clients want to pay for result and not your effort; hence, you need to show to your client that you deserve huge pay by tracking your results and send it to them for confirmation. There are tools such as HootSuite to measure your marketing strength (More Information).

What are the Pros and Cons of Social Media Management?

The advantages of starting a business as a social media manager cannot be overemphasized, as there are a number of reasons to get started. Some of the pros of starting a business as a social media manager include:

  • You get paid for what you enjoy doing
  • Starting a business as a social media manager does not require a huge investment or equipment like other businesses; especially if you already have internet access and a computer to get started.
  • You don’t need to know every social media platform out there; you can concentrate on few of them that you know you can deliver.
  • Social media business can be run from home; hence, you don’t need a gigantic building to get started.
  • Many companies and brands are out there searching for social media managers, and this will continue to grow.

No matter how juicy a career is, there will always be some kind of drawback to it. Below are the cons to starting a business as a social media manager:

  • You know what it takes to manage a personal social media profile, not to talk of managing several profiles for companies; hence, it requires more commitment.
  • You will be promoting companies’ brand; hence, you need to adhere to terms and conditions of the organization, for you to work for them.
  • Many still lack in-depth knowledge about what social media can do for them, or they may think they don’t need a manager; hence, you need to sell the benefits to them and prove to them that you can deliver.
  • You need to learn more marketing strategies to attract followers and drive sales for your clients.
  • Knowledge of SEO may be helpful in your career, and if you don’t have basic knowledge in this area, you may need to learn.
  • Another investment in essential tools like graphics editing software, royalty-free graphics, and scheduling services is a good idea to help your career as a social media manager (More Information).

To sum it up

Social media management is one of the lucrative careers in business nowadays. The need of social media managers is on the increase in the business world, as small, medium, and large-scale companies are in search of social media managers. Starting a business as a social media manager is a huge decision with great potential to bring tremendous reward.

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