Starting a Lawn Care or Landscaping Business


Lawncare or Landscaping Business

Welcome to the 21st century – a time when working from home is more than just a trend. Whether you have plans for starting your own business or want to continue working as an employee, the truth is that home-based startups are on the rise and one way to secure additional income for your family and be your own boss.The good thing about home-based startups is that there are a lot of ideas on the market. More importantly, many of these ideas don’t require big initial investments which is why so many people are taking action. The lawn care or landscaping business provides individuals with a great opportunity to prosper from home. Read on to find out more.

Lawn Care or Landscaping Business – Understanding the demand

Before launching a career as a lawn care or landscaping business owner, you need to understand the market and the industry where you live. Ideally, you should take some time to see the demand for lawn care services (lawn mowing and related industries) as opposed to the landscaping services that you are considering too. As soon as you do that, make sure to outline all the services that you will be expected to provide and see which one of the two industries fits your needs – and the ones of the market.

The truth is, lawn care and landscaping businesses ran from home are one of the most popular choices nowadays. In order to help you make the right decision, we are listing all of the pros and cons of each business model.

Starting A Lawn Care Business From Home: Pros & Cons

There are numerous advantages to running a home-based lawn care business. After all, you are a master of your own destiny and your own boss. With a short commute to work (considering you are based in your home), you can work at your own pace and any time during the regular daylight hours. On top of this, you will have more time for your family as well as time to be more active.

No one can put a price on all this freedom, right?

Still, there are some cons to starting a lawn care business from home. To begin with, you need to be more adept at mowing, trimming and pruning than any average person. In other words, this means that you need to invest in training – as well as in proper machinery.

There are many different and complex processes in lawn care such as lawn fertilization, weed control, pest control and over seeding – all of which should be properly mastered before starting your own business.


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Starting A Landscaping Business From Home: Pros & Cons

Even though landscaping seems a bit misleading to most people (and some think it only refers to planting), it can include anything from planting to design, hardscape projects and softscape projects and even the installation of outdoor features such as pavers, patios, walkways and decks.

Obviously, the need for experience in remodeling/construction is more than needed. Landscaping is decorating – akin to putting up matching curtains, lamps, artwork and similar stuff which puts the need for creative freedom.

Also, you need to be a disciplined self-starter who can ignore the call of a glorious spring day and service your clients rather than heading somewhere with your family or loved ones. Even though this applies to starting a lawn care business too, landscaping also requires work in unforgiving weather where sweltering all the heat and humidity can add up to extreme physical labor. Lawn care or landscaping are both areas of business that have this in common.

The cost of equipment here is also something that needs to be considered. You need mowers, trailers and a reliable vehicle to begin with. You can also start out with limited equipment and buy (or rent) additional tools as your business expands.

Direct Negatives Of Both Lawn Care and Landscaping Businesses

We already mentioned the biggest positives for starting your own business in the lawn care/landscaping industry – mainly focused to freedom, time and potential to be your own boss.

Still, just like in every industry and scenario, there are negatives too. Some of the biggest concerns for both landscaping and lawn care business owners include the following:

  • Safety – There may be specific challenges related to employee safety (danger when mowing or handling dangerous equipment)
  • Seasonal income – Both of the business models are directly affected by seasonal changes
  • Other concerns – Weather conditions and unexpected seasons may also delay or put an additional strain to your business
  • Equipment maintenance – You need to constantly maintain your equipment which is another cost

What Do The Stats Say?

If we take this equation from the analytical perspective, the stats say that there are more than 10,000 lawn care service providers in the US – and more than 12,000 landscapers that run their business from home. (Source: Professional Landcare Network – PLANET)

When it comes to the drivers of the industry, the customers are affluent homeowners most of which are baby boomers (77 million) and the upcoming millennial generation which is also focused on having a beautifully designed and landscaped yard.


Starting a lawn care or landscaping business is a great business in that you can start small and then scale up. Having all of this in mind, the best way to label landscaping is as a business for individuals who have the vision, skill or tools to design landscaping – but also a business which needs more versatility and experience in remodeling or construction.

On the other hand, the lawn care business model is ideal for people who are experienced in the complex nature of lawn care (including things like fertilization, seed/weed/pest control etc.) or people who are willing to invest in proper training about this.

We hope this article helped you make the right decision and choose some of these two emerging business models!

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